Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hudson Cole Magbuhat in 3D/4D

This morning we went to Window to the Womb in Southlake and got to see Hudson in 3D/4D. This was a wonderful gift from both of our parents. The room was very spacious, which was good because we fit my parents, JJ's parents, Julie, Jana, and JJ all in there! Our sonogram specialist did a fabulous job and got some really good pictures for us. Hudson was hugged up close to my placenta the whole time. I think he likes using it for his pillow! At one point he had his arms wrapped around it! The sonogram specialist says that usually when they hug to the placenta a bunch that means they will like to cuddle! Boy, do I hope so! :)

We got a dvd and about 90 pictures! It was the most wonderful experience! We got to see his cute little button nose and chubby little cheeks. I can't wait till I get to hold him in my arms!
I have about 13 weeks left until my due date.

Here are some pictures of our sweet little boy! :)

Arm wrapped around the placenta

Look at those chubby cheeks and button nose!

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